Drawing Collection

Among the largest public collection of antique drawings in Italy, the Drawing Archive contains about 28.000 graphic works from the 14th to the 20th century: design documents and independent exercises of Italian and foreign schools executed using highly varied techniques and themes for figurative drawing, architecture and decoration. 
Among the main diversified holdings stored in the collection are those of: 
Pompeo Marchesi (1861-1862); Antonio Guasconi (1863); Gian Giacomo Attendolo Bolognini (1865); Camillo Tanzi (1881); Giuseppe Maggiolini (1882); Giovanni Morelli-Gustavo Frizzoni (1900); Vittore Grubicy de Dragon (1920); Fabbriceria del Santuario di Santa Maria dei Miracoli presso San Celso; Ausonio Canavese (1934); Luca Beltrami (1936); Antonio Durini (1939); Antonio Amati (1929), Pompeo Mariani (1934), Luigi Alberico Trivulzio (1935); Sardini-Martinelli (1941).

The collection is currently undergoing a digital inventory and cataloguing. A list of the artist present in the collection is available below for users information.