Istitutional Activities

Cataloguing and Conservation

The Institute works continuously on the preventive conservation of original works and plans restoration campaigns. The works are placed in climate controlled storage and periodically monitored and reordered.
The inventory and cataloguing are conducted in compliance with the regulations of the ICCD (Central Institute for Cataloguing and Documentation) and using SIRBeC software and a digital backup of the catalogue cards.

Promotion of the Collection

The Institute promotes study and research projects, mostly related to conservation activities aimed at enhancing knowledge of the collections and the promotion of artistic culture, through a deepening of historical understanding, education and contemporary debate on the arts and visual culture. This approach characterises the activities of the Institute that result in exhibitions, publications, conferences and meetings.

The Institute actively collaborates with museums, universities, cultural institutions and associations in the development of its own holdings, the organization of meetings, study days and seminars, participation in research projects and exhibitions.